Interior Designer

Schmidt House, Sydney

Nation Viney


Project notes

The Schmidt House has been the passion of a retired ear nose and throat surgeon/ property developer whose father was a builder. Nation Viney was commissioned to design a simple family home on a large country block. The resultant design solution was a single story metal frame structure with pitched roofs, split into three sections and joined by a central spine. The client (of German heritage) was insistent that he be involved in all the details, selections of finishes, lighting, home automation, air conditioning and landscape. The project, from a design perspective, although at times frustrating, was a very constructive process; design concepts being questioned in detail with resultant modifications, which in most cases were to the benefit of the project and education of the designer! The client has now lived in his home for over a year and tells everybody what a great home it is – which is the best outcome a designer could have!