Interior Designer

Halim House, Melbourne

Nation Viney


Project notes

The Halim house in Templestowe (a suburb of Melbourne) is a project which has just reached its completion and is due to be photographed. It is for an Indonesian client who is very interested in the design process but lives in Indonesia. The total project costs are in the order of A$14milion. Internal spaces are very grand; finishes are off form concrete (carried out by Italians to a higher standard than is generally achieved in Japan) and Venetian plaster (white) walls, filled travertine floors in 1200 x 600mm slabs. The house is three storeys, with formal dining and general entertainment areas on the lower floor, main and staff kitchens, family rooms on the first floor and bedrooms on the second floor. The prayer room is located on the roof. Tennis courts, games rooms, gym, spas and lap pools are on the ground floor. The interior would be considered minimalist.